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Free Bet Calculator

The Free Bet Calculator is a powerful online betting tool located on the website’s homepage. It is capable of calculating the return from a simple Single through to a Bookies Nightmare, with Accumulator, Patent, Lucky 15 and many more bet types in between.

Support is provided for each way and permed bets, as well as selections affected by Rule 4, dead heats and joint favourites. A range of settings allows you to declare certain preferences, for example odds format, and adjust various parameters to reflect any differences in the terms that may be offered by your bookmaker, such as enhanced bonuses.


The Accessibility page describes the features of this website that aid access to people with disabilities, and ensure support for a wide range of devices and browsers.

Betting Glossary

The Betting Glossary describes each type of bet, along with other common betting terms which are used on the Free Bet Calculator website.


The form on the Feedback page allows you to submit any comments, questions or suggestions concerning the Free Bet Calculator.


The Help page explains how to use the Free Bet Calculator to calculate the returns on a wide range of bets, and includes a detailed description of the various settings that can be adjusted to match your betting preferences and bookmaker’s rules.

Old Bet Calculators

Previous versions of the Free Bet Calculator have been retained primarily for the users of older computers and browsers, and can be accessed via the Old Bet Calculators page.

Old Bet Calculator (2007)

Old Bet Calculator (2007) is the original version of the Free Bet Calculator, released in 2007. This version may be preferred by anyone using a slower computer or tablet device, or an older browser that isn’t fully compatible with the technology used to support modern touch-screen devices.

Old Bet Calculator (2010)

Old Bet Calculator (2010) is the second version of the Free Bet Calculator, released in 2010. This version is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and above, so may be suitable for anyone still using an old version of Microsoft Windows, that can’t be upgraded with a more modern browser.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy describes what information is gathered whenever you visit the website, and how that information is used, including details on how this website and integrated third-party services use cookies.

Quick Bet Calculators


When using a modern Internet browser, it is usually more convenient to change settings via the Settings button available on each bet calculator, but the dedicated Settings page makes this process easier for visitors using browsers that aren’t fully compatible with more recent standards.

Site Map

This is the Site Map page, containing links and descriptions for every page on the website.


The Support page lists any known issues and workarounds concerning the Free Bet Calculator website, as well as release notes documenting any bug fixes, new features and other major improvements or changes, that may be of particular interest to regular users.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions contains important information concerning how you may use the Free Bet Calculator website.