The following accessibility features are present in the Free Bet Calculator:-

  • All pages adhere to the HTML5 standard, using polyfills where necessary to help maximise compatibility and consistency across different browser types.
  • A responsive design allows the website to adapt to a wide variety of devices and screen sizes.
  • All content can be viewed on a screen with a width of 320 pixels or more, without the need for horizontal scrolling.
  • An easy to read font is used for all text.
  • Contrasting colours are used to make content easier to read.
  • The pinch zoom feature is enabled for touch-screen devices.
  • User-interface controls with large surface areas are used, in order to improve the ease of click and touch activation.
  • Site navigation is simple and consistent.
  • The site can be navigated using just the keyboard on Windows & Linux-based systems, by pressing [Tab] and [Shift][Tab] to move forwards and backwards respectively, through each item on a page. An item that has been selected in this way can be activated by pressing [Return]. These navigation features are also available on macOS systems, but first they have to be enabled through the Keyboard System Preferences and Safari Advanced Preferences.
  • Numerous WAI-ARIA directives have been included, to make user interface controls and dynamic content more accessible to anyone using assistive technologies.
  • Browsers that do not support the use of stylesheets and/or images, or that have this support disabled, can still be used to access all of the Free Bet Calculator content and functionality.

The Free Bet Calculator requires JavaScript browser support, which has been employed to make the website quick and easy to use. Amongst other things, it is used to validate user input, control the visibility of what would be an overwhelming number of options if displayed all at once, and manage the process of calculating bets.

The Free Bet Calculator has been tested using the latest available browser on each of the operating systems listed below. Older versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox have also been tested on Microsoft Windows, ensuring the site is still accessible to users of older computers, but please refer to the Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & Internet Explorer section of the Support page if this applies to you.

Operating System Browser
Windows Vista, 7 – 11 Chrome
Firefox 10+
Internet Explorer 10+
macOS 10.8 – 13 Chrome
Ubuntu 14 – 23 Chromium
Android 5 – 14 Chrome
Samsung Internet
iOS 6 – 17 Chrome

The Free Bet Calculator should also work perfectly on any operating system capable of running Chrome, or other Chromium-based browser, including most Linux variants.

The Internet browsers on modern Smart TVs are normally compatible, but without the use of a touchscreen or mouse, the entry of bet details may be a slow process.

The website still works with Android 2 & 4, but they have been removed from the above compatibility list. This is because a security warning will appear when entering the site, due to the old Android browser not meeting the latest secure connection requirements.