The help topics on this page explain how the new Free Bet Calculator can be used to calculate the potential profit for a sports bet.

Before using the Free Bet Calculator for the first time, it may be necessary to adjust the default settings. You can do this via the Settings button, located in the top right corner of the bet calculator. Any changes to the default settings are automatically saved in a cookie, so that they can be shared between the various bet calculators, and re-used each time you visit the site. If cookies are disabled in your browser, then you can still adjust the settings, but any changes will be lost as soon as you leave the bet calculator’s web page.

If the Odds Format or Stake options are changed, the bet calculator’s form will be adjusted as necessary, and if the Each Way options or Bonuses are changed, the new settings will be used in any subsequent calculations.

Odds Format

The Odds Format allows you to specify win odds in either Fraction, Decimal or American format, according to your own preference (default: Fraction).


You can supply either a Unit Stake, Maximum Total Stake, or Exact Total Stake, when entering your bet details (default: Unit Stake).

The Max. Total option allows you to specify the maximum amount that you wish to spend on your bet. The maximum whole unit stake is then calculated, along with the corresponding actual total stake that will allow you to remain within your spending limit for that particular bet.

The Exact Total stake option enables the calculation of under-staked and over-staked bets, by allowing you to enter the total amount that has actually been staked. A high precision unit stake value is then derived from the total stake and used in the calculations. In the bet calculator’s Calculated Amounts section, the unit stake is displayed to a maximum of 8 decimal places (due to limited space on smaller screens), but where necessary, a much higher level of precision is actually used in the calculations in order to maximise accuracy.

Note: Some bookmakers have a rule of returning the excess stake on over-staked bets, rather than settling in proportion to the amount paid.

Each Way Multiples & Any To Come

The each way Multiples & Any To Come options, allow you to change the way in which each way bets are settled, in order to match the rules used by your bookmaker. Some high street bookmakers may also allow you to request the settlement method used, but this must be clearly specified on your bet slip.

The most common settling methods are ‘Win-to-Win, Place-to Place’ for each way Multiples, and Equally Divided for each way Any To Come bets. These are therefore set as the default options. Some bets, such as the Round Robin, contain multiple and any to come components, in which case both options will apply.


Bonuses are traditionally applied to Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 bets, but some bookmakers also apply them to Alphabet, Canadian, Heinz and Yankee. The size of any bonus, and the way in which it is applied, can vary between different bookmakers, so the Free Bet Calculator allows you to configure various settings to reflect your bookmaker’s rules.

Most bookmakers will apply a bonus to the total return, but some will only apply it to the winnings (i.e. the total return minus the stake), so the option is provided to ‘Apply Bonus to’ either Return or Winnings.

A bonus is normally only applicable to the win part of each way bets, but some bookmakers will apply it the whole bet, so the option to apply an Each Way Bonus to Win Only or Win & Place, is also provided.

All selections must run for a bonus to apply (i.e. no void selections).

  • All Winners Bonus %

    The All Winners Bonus % is applied to either the return or winnings, if all selections win. This value will default to 10% for Alphabet & Lucky 15, 20% for Lucky 31, and 25% for Lucky 63. Bonuses are less commonly applied to Canadian, Heinz and Yankee, so the All Winners Bonus will default to 0% for these bets.

  • One Loser Bonus %

    The One Loser Bonus % may be applied to the return or winnings on Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 bets, if only one selection loses, and all other selections win. Most bookmakers do not offer this bonus, so this value will default to 0%.

  • One Winner Consolation

    The One Winner Consolation is a multiplier that is applied to the odds of a single winning selection. This value will default to 2, which equates to double odds. Note that if no consolation is offered this value should be set to 1, rather than 0, since it represents an odds multiplier.

Note: The Free Bet Calculator currently doesn’t support bonuses on equally divided each way bets if the Win Only bonus option is selected.

Animated Visual Effects

The Free Bet Calculator uses ‘Animated Visual Effects’ to show additional information and options that are normally hidden when not required, in order to prevent confusion and clutter. On most computers and newer mobile devices, these animated effects can enhance the overall user experience, by helping to draw attention to something that has changed, more effectively than a sudden abrupt action.

Unfortunately, on slower devices these same visual effects can still result in sudden abrupt changes, due to the device being unable to process instructions fast enough. Furthermore, the device’s failed attempts to animate changes smoothly, only succeeds in slowing everything down even further. In these circumstances the Animated Visual Effects contribute to a more negative user experience, so a setting is provided which allows them to be turned off (default: On).