If you have any problems or queries concerning the Free Bet Calculator that are not addressed in the Known Issues section below, then you may find the answer in the Betting Glossary or Help pages, but if not you can either:-

If you are having a problem with the Free Bet Calculator website, then if possible please send details of the operating system (e.g. Windows 10), and browser that you are using (e.g. Google Chrome), along with a description of the problem you have encountered. This should allow the problem to be reproduced, and fixed where possible.

Known Issues

  1. Windows XP, Vista & Internet Explorer.

    The entire website is currently compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and above. The Old Bet Calculators are also compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and 7, but Microsoft no longer supports anything earlier than Internet Explorer 11, on any of their desktop operating systems.

    Microsoft has also ended support for Windows XP & Vista, and Google has dropped support for their Chrome browser on both of these operating systems. Mozilla has reduced support for their Firefox browser on Windows XP & Vista, and has announced that they will end support altogether in June 2018.

    If your operating system or browser is no longer supported, and as a consequence doesn’t receive security updates, then known defects that are being actively exploited won’t be fixed. This exposes you to a number of serious risks, so for important information on how to protect yourself and your computer, please visit the Get Safe Online website for free expert advice. The section on Protecting Your Computer contains many useful articles, on topics such as how to Update Your Browser, and Replacing Windows XP (which applies equally to Windows Vista).

    Since it isn’t viable for the Free Bet Calculator to continue supporting operating systems and browsers that are no longer supported by their developers, these unsupported platforms are no longer being taken into consideration when developing new features for the website.

  2. Performance issues on older Android devices.

    The best solution is to download the free Sports Bet Calculator app on Google Play. This native app is specifically designed for Android devices, so the performance issues affecting browser-based applications are avoided, leading to a significantly better user experience on older versions of Android.

Release Notes

14th August 2018

A minor release to fix an issue concerning the validation of bet details when using Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Beta Versions