This bet calculator can help you analyse which types of bet offer the highest potential profit from your selections. To compare bet types, enter the Number of Selections for your bet, and click the Set button. The required selections will then appear, and a list of the most popular bet types for that number of selections, will be displayed in the Comparison section.

Continue by entering the Win Odds for each selection, along with any other bet details that may need to be altered (e.g. Unit Stake), and finish by clicking Calculate Bet.

Once the calculation is complete, the Calculated Amounts will appear alongside each type of bet. Initially the Total Profit is displayed, but depending on your device’s screen width, you may also see the Total Return and Total Stake. Use the left and right arrow buttons to show other calculated amounts, including the Number of Bets and Unit Stake.

Using the Compare Bet Types calculator in conjunction with the Maximum Total Stake setting, can also help you identify which bet could give you the optimum return for a limited stake. You can easily compare how various outcomes will affect each return, by simply altering the selection details and recalculating.

Alternatively, you may just want to calculate multiple bets on the same selections, where you haven’t gone full cover, in which case this calculator can speed up the process, by performing all of the calculations in a single operation.

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Calculated Amounts
Bet Type Unit Stake Number of Bets Total Stake Total Return Total Profit
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