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Use of Google Technologies

The majority of the world’s websites, including the Free Bet Calculator, utilise Google technologies. More specifically, Google Analytics is utilised as an aid in the analysis and understanding of how the website is being used, and Google AdSense helps to make the website economically viable through advertising.

Whenever you visit a website your browser sends certain information, such as your IP address, which can be accessed by the resident Google technologies. Google may then use the IP address to derive your general location so that, for example, only adverts for products and services that are available in the United Kingdom, are shown to visitors from the UK.

To find out how Google uses the information it receives, and how you can control the information sent to Google, please refer to the page entitled, How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services, on Google’s website.

Use of Cookies

Free Bet Calculator

The Free Bet Calculator website may need to store certain settings, required to calculate bets according to your betting preferences, and bookmaker’s rules. It achieves this using a data item with the name fbcSettings, located in your browser’s local storage. This data item is only stored after changing settings for the first time, so it isn’t present if you have only ever used the default settings.

Each bet calculator will still work if you decide to block cookies and other site data in your browser, but you will need to update the Settings every time you visit, if the website’s default settings don’t match your requirements.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics service is being utilised to collect and analyse website traffic data, on behalf of the Free Bet Calculator. The reports generated by Google Analytics, don’t just provide the headline figures, such as how many people visit the website each day, they regularly provide statistics that directly influence decisions concerning the development of the Free Bet Calculator website.

For example, the statistics indicated that the main bet calculator pages were no longer visited by anyone using Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Support for these browsers was therefore removed, which significantly simplified ongoing development, and slightly reduced page load times. Conversely, the reports suggest that the Old Bet Calculators still have a small but dedicated following, so support continues indefinitely.

To help deliver this service, Google Analytics uses cookies to store non-personally identifiable information. Please refer to the Data Privacy and Security section of Google Analytics Help if you wish to know, amongst other things, how Google safeguards your data, and what privacy controls are available.

Google AdSense

The Free Bet Calculator website is available free of charge thanks to the support of third party adverts. The Google AdSense advertising service is used by this website, and millions of others around the world, to supply a large proportion of these adverts. Google’s advertising system uses cookies, and other technologies, to control which adverts appear on the website. For example, cookies may be used to ensure you don’t see the same advert repeatedly, or to show adverts that are likely to be more relevant, based on websites that you have previously visited.

For more details on how Google uses cookies in advertising, and how you can control advertising cookies, please visit the Advertising page in the Privacy & Terms section of Google’s website.


The Free Bet Calculator is an affiliate of bet365. This partnership with one of the world’s leading online bookmakers, helps to support the continued operation of this website as a free service.

If you visit the bet365 website via a promotional advert, a cookie will be used to record the unique affiliate identifier allocated to this website. This will be used by bet365 to identify the source of the referral, if you then decide to register and bet with them. If you would like to know more about how bet365 uses cookies, please refer to their Cookies Policy.


AWIN is a global affiliate network used by the Free Bet Calculator to advertise various third-party products and services, that are believed to be of particular relevance and interest to visitors. If a visitor expresses an interest in a particular advert by clicking on it, AWIN will track the referral through the use of cookies. If the referral results in a purchase then a small commission is normally paid, which helps to support the website.

Please refer to the section entitled Our Tracking | Use of Cookies in AWIN’s Privacy Policy for full details.

How to Manage Cookies

If you have any concerns about how certain websites or third-party services use cookies, then most Internet browsers have the ability to manage them, including the facilities required to disable and delete them. Each browser has a different procedure for doing this, so you may need to refer to your particular browser’s help feature for instructions, but if you are using one of the more popular browsers, then links to the online guides from the relevant providers, are listed below:-

Please note that disabling cookies may have undesirable side-effects, that prevent a website from functioning correctly.

Use of Log Files

Web Server Log Files

The web server that hosts the Free Bet Calculator, automatically logs certain information about every visit to the website. This is a common feature of web hosting environments, with the data often aggregated to provide website statistics. The logged data is technical, rather than personal, and includes your IP address, the time of your visit, the page that you visited, the type of browser you are using, an indication of the success or failure of each browser request, plus details concerning the number of bytes transferred, and the time taken to process each request.

Since Google Analytics already provides a better system for analysing website statistics, the statistics derived from log file data are seldom used, other than to monitor the incidence of failed web server requests, that can sometimes highlight potential issues that require further investigation.