Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust the settings used by the bet calculators on the Free Bet Calculator website. This can normally be done via the Settings button available on each bet calculator, which allows you to view and change settings without leaving the page, thereby retaining any bet details that you may have already entered. Unfortunately some browsers don’t fully support the features required to implement this satisfactorily, so this dedicated page provides an alternative for anyone unable to access the settings directly from a bet calculator.

Any changes to the settings are stored in your browser’s local storage, so that they can be shared between the various bet calculators, and re-used each time you visit the site. If cookies and other site data are disabled in your browser, then any changes you make will be lost as soon as you leave this page, and therefore you won’t be able to use this method to change settings.

Context-sensitive help is available via the information button at the top of each section, but please refer to the Help page if you require a more detailed description of each setting.