The Free Bet Calculator has been made available free of charge in the hope that it will be useful to anyone wishing to calculate the return on a bet.

The Free Bet Calculator has been tested successfully using a wide range of bet data, and is subjected to a battery of automated verification tests before each major release, but the software that performs the calculations is relatively complex. This means that despite all of the testing, it is still possible for circumstances to arise whereby a calculation produces an incorrect result, so the Free Bet Calculator must therefore be used at your own risk. There is no warranty, and no liability or responsibility can be accepted for any losses incurred by anyone using the information, or facilities, available on the Free Bet Calculator website.

Any bugs that are reported will be investigated, logged as a Known Issue on the Support page, and then fixed where possible. Over time users may gain a high degree of confidence in the availability, reliability and accuracy of the Free Bet Calculator, and although these are all important aims for the website, none of them are guaranteed.