This old bet calculator is still here thanks to the feedback received from users of older computers and browsers, and will remain in the gallery of Old Bet Calculators until it is no longer used.

This page contains the original version of the Free Bet Calculator that was released in 2007. It works best on devices with screens that are at least 760 pixels wide, which means it may not be suitable for smaller mobile devices, but it could offer a welcome alternative for anyone using an older tablet device.

When this version was first released, a significant number of people were using dial-up Internet connections, and so it was designed to be usable over a slower connection, which may be a consideration for some people even now.

You can still calculate the stakes and profits for all your favourite bets, including Single, Double, Treble, Accumulator and Lucky 15, as well as more specialist bets, such as Round Robin, Union Jack and Goliath Flag, but this version of the bet calculator will not be developed any further.

If you would like to use a newer version of the Free Bet Calculator, but you don’t have access to a browser that is compatible with the latest website, then Old Bet Calculator (2010) is also available.

Old Bet Calculator (2007)



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Lucky 15 The bonuses and consolations offered by different bookmakers vary, so you may need to change the bonus percentage, and consolation odds multiplier, to reflect those offered by your bookmaker.

All selections must run for a bonus or consolation to apply. Bonuses and consolations only apply to the win part of each way bets.



Union Jack

Treat Union Jack lines as:

1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 1-4-7, 2-5-8, 3-6-9, 1-5-9, 3-5-7


No. Status Win Odds Place Rule 4 Dead Heat Joint Fav.
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