If you have any problems or queries concerning the Free Bet Calculator that are not addressed in the Known Issues section below, then you may find the answer in the Betting Glossary or Help pages, but if not you can either:-

If you are having a problem with the Free Bet Calculator website, then if possible please send details of the operating system (e.g. Windows 10), and browser that you are using (e.g. Google Chrome), along with a description of the problem you have encountered. This should allow the problem to be reproduced, and fixed where possible.

Known Issues

  1. Performance issues on older Android devices.

    The best solution is to download the free Sports Bet Calculator app on Google Play. This native app is specifically designed for Android devices, so the performance issues affecting browser-based applications are avoided, leading to a significantly better user experience on older versions of Android.

  2. Decimal point (.) not appearing on the keyboard.

    There was an isolated report in 2014 that the decimal point didn’t appear on the virtual keyboard of a touch-screen device, when using the latest version of the bet calculator. This issue couldn’t be replicated, and hasn’t been reported since, so may have been caused by a configuration problem with a particular device. Alternatively, the issue may have been the result of a bug that only affected a particular make & model of device, which has subequently been fixed by the manufacturer.

    If anyone has encountered similar issues, and is able to provide any technical details about the affected device (i.e. make, model, operating system and browser), then please submit them via the Feedback form, so that the problem can be reproduced and fixed (if possible).

Release Notes

31st May 2017

A new optimised icon font has been introduced that is significantly smaller than the old one, and will reduce page load times. This font contains the icons used to highlight various interactive elements throughout the site, such as the main menu items and context-sensitive help.

Various other aspects of the website’s styling have also been improved, including the logo and various buttons.

In response to a user request, the Bookies Nightmare bet has been added to the Free Bet Calculator, and a dedicated Bookies Nightmare Bet Calculator has been added to the collection of Quick Bet Calculators. If you are not familiar with this bet and would like to know more, then there is a description in the Betting Glossary.

Beta Versions