Quick links to the old bet calculators :-

Every now and again the Free Bet Calculator website has to be overhauled in order to keep up with the latest advances in technology. The most recent overhaul has been prompted by the rapid increase in mobile devices being used to access the Internet. The majority of visitors to this website now access it using some form of mobile device, and therefore the new version of the website has been developed with the primary aim of improving access from these devices, whilst attempting to maintain ease of use on desktop and laptop computers.

Unfortunately some of the technology required to support mobile devices isn’t recognised by older web browsers, and even when the technology is recognised, it may not perform very well due to the performance limitations of less powerful older devices.

Some visitors may even prefer to use a familiar old version because it does everything they need, they understand how everything works, and they would like to stick with what they know and trust.

The owners of most websites would just ignore anyone who still wants to use an old version, and discard it without a second thought, but at the Free Bet Calculator things are done differently. The Feedback received from users of older computers and browsers is still taken into account, so if you wish to use one of the old bet calculators, for whatever reason, then they will remain for as long as the demand exists.

On another note, if you are using a modern mobile device, or a PC manufactured in the past 10 years, and are only using an old bet calculator because you have a problem with the new version, then please report the problem via the Feedback form. There may be some teething troubles with the new bet calculator that only affect a small number of visitors, but any problems can usually be fixed, so please report them.

If you are using an old PC with an outdated web browser, but would like to use the latest features and functionality that is only available to the new bet calculator, then you may still be able to do so. There are a number of modern web browsers that still work on older computers, such as Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and the Opera browser, available free of charge, with which the new website is fully compatible.

If you still wish to use one of the old bet calculators, then please click on the appropriate link below, where the number in brackets represents the year that version of the bet calculator was originally released.